About Our Company

LouDon Accessibility Service was established to ensure that ‘Everyone Fits’ into the built environment. We provide accessibility plan reviews and inspections of any construction work that is affecting the public accommodation of all structures and public buildings. We look forward to working with you to help provide a safer and more accessible public space.

Our company is a woman-owned business led by Louann and Donald Dixson. When you hire our team, you can rest assured we will make every good faith effort to ensure that your project meets the TAS regulations.


  • 33 years of experience in plan review and inspections since 1991
  • 23 years of employment in local government
  • Expert handicap accessibility review and inspections since 1999
  • State licensed in:
    Registered Accessibility Specialist
    Plumbing Inspector
    Code Enforcement Officer
  • 11 national certifications by the International Code Council construction plan review and inspection categories
  • Recent Director of Building Services in DFW metroplex